About Us

“We sweat the small stuff so our customers don’t have to.” – Miya

Our Mission

Power the world by providing 10 Million People with Hazardous Area, Explosion Proof, and Intrinsically Products

Our Vision

To create the ultimate customer experience for Hazardous Area, Explosion Proof, and Intrinsically Safe products that power the world

Our Values

  • Customer Safety
  • Customer’s Operational Effectiveness & Effeinceny
  • Customers Delight

“Customers want clear information from experts and an easy buying experience” – Miya

“We don’t do what’s easy. We do what’s right.” – John

Our Story

The Intrinsically Safe Store and its founding team have been servicing industrial operations for over two decades.

The core team of process and safety professionals whose sole goal was bringing the best possible shopping experience to any client regardless of their Hazardous Area product knowledge level.

At the Intrinsically Safe store, we know that a comprehensive selection of high quality, fit purpose products is invaluable within the complex world of Hazardous Area products. We hope our straightforward but deep expertise in Hazardous Area products and fair customer approach differentiates us from the pack and speaks to how serious we are about putting our customer’s safety, operational effectiveness and satisfaction as our number one priority.

For us, the customer always comes first and we do our darndest to make sure that each customer has an experience which is exemplary of our brand.

We cherish any and all customer feedback; if there is something we can do better, we want to know!

We hope that you enjoy partnering with us now and in the future.


Miya, James and the rest of the Intrinsically Safe Store Team