Explosion Proof Fixed Lighting

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Having the correct lighting is one of the easiest things a Hazardous Area location can do to improve the safety of its workers. Explosion proof lighting is, of course, a must as not just the tools but also all the fixtures need to be rated to a specific Explosion Proof proof Hazardous Area certification standard.

Hazardous Area Lighting or Explosion Proof Lightening examples:

  • Explosion Proof Flashlights or Intrinsically Safe Flashlights (torches)
  • Explosion Proof Headlamps (head lamps) or Intrinsically Safe Headlamps
  • Explosion Proof LED lights
  • Explosion Proof Light Fixtures
  • Explosion Proof Fluorescent Lights
  • Explosion Proof Portable Stands

All the lights that we stock are Class 1 Division 1 (Div1) or Class 1 Division 2 (Div2) rated and/or ATEX Zone 1 or ATEX Zone 2 rated. Common Div 1 or ATEX Zone 1 Explosion Proof lighting is used for offshore rig lights, plant shutdown or turn-around, marine fit-outs, confined spaces and paint spray booths.  Most Div 2 or ATEX Zone 2 Explosion Proof lighting is commonly used in areas that have sugar, grain, or munitions. All of these products assist in staying compliant with the OSHA’s Lighting Safety Standards.

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